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18 March 2008 @ 05:51 am
Two Little Princesses  
 Title: Two Little Princesses
Author: tinmanfangirl
Pairing: Az/DG
Rating: M
Warnings: Incest
Summary: Az' nightmares hide a secret longing will DG fufill it......
notes: My first dgxaz fanfic probably will suck but you never know until you try.

DG heard her sister screaming yet again. She raced into her room and held her. " I'm here ,Az. I'm not letting go." Azkadellia had been having nightmares since the Eclipse several months ago. She cupped her sister's face in hers and kissed her forehead. " I'm here."

Though sisters by blood they felt more than that. What they went through.What they endured. That deepens any bond. They were close ,too close their parents thought. Although seperated for several years they instantly knew when the other was hurting. They were extremely protective and possessive of each other.

Az clung to DG. " I'm awake. Thank you. "

" The witch possessed me again?" DG asked. Az had been having dreams that it was DG not her that had gotten possessed. This had been going on for three months. She only told DG about the possession never anything else about the dream. " Azzie , I wish you would tell me more about this dream. Maybe if you open up more it'll go away. Why don't you trust me,Azzie?"

" I do trust you! I'm...ashamed."

" Of what ?"

" Please ,Deege. Your so innocent don't ask."

" I'm not innocent ,Az.Far from. What are you having sex in this dream and you feel bad about it ? Is it Glitch? Cain? Raw?"

" It's not Raw! Sheesh! I like girls not animals.Oops."

" So it's a girl! Az that's okay. Why are you ashamed ? Personally I play both sides."

" You what?"

" I like both genders ,Azzie. It's the soul of the person not their gender that matters to me . "

" What if you like someone ...your related to ?"

" Like cousins?" DG blushed.

" Like sisters." Az bowed her head in shame.

DG picked her head up with her hand. " You want me? " Az nodded. " Would this make your dream go away?" 

" I think so but Deege -" DG interrupted Az with a kiss. Az pulled away. " Don't do this just to save me. If we do this.."

" Silly Az. You drive my suitors away...so you think. I let you drive them away. Your the only one that understands Az. The horror ,the darkness. We're the same you and I split down the center. Longing to be reconnected. "

Az leaned forward and gave her a hungry kiss. DG moaned and gently pushed Az down . Az moaned as DG pulled away and pulled up Az's nightgown. DG looked at Az's silky skin. " Your were always the most beautiful." DG got on the bed and spread Az's legs. She licked her clit which made Az whimper. DG watched her face as she licked her. She felt Az becoming moist and licked up her juices. She sucked on her which caused Az to put a pillow over her head to muffle her screams. DG worked her mouth to Az's breasts and as she sucked on them DG inserted two fingers into Az and worked them inside her furiously. When Az's juices started slipping out she stuck a third finger in her using her juices as lube.

She could feel Az getting tighter. She pumped her fingers harder and harder as Az arched her back and orgasmed. Az screamed then panted. " I ...I love you."

DG curled up to her sister. " I love you too,Azzie."

 Az fondled DG's nipples. " Tomorrow can we do this again. I wanna do that to you. It felt good."

DG smiled. " Sleep now ,Azzie and when you wake you can. Sweet dreams ,my little princess."

Az pulled DG into a kiss full of such longing and so carnal.  " Thank you ,my little princess. Thank you for accepting me."

DG held Az as she finally fell into a sweet sleep.

lezbolovin on March 18th, 2008 09:11 pm (UTC)
Sweet Jesus. Are you kidding me? That was far from sucking, It was amazing! I just love their relationship. Great job.
tinmanfangirl on March 18th, 2008 09:22 pm (UTC)
thank u! It means a lot! Thinking about a sequel cause Az still needs to return the favor ;)