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08 September 2008 @ 07:41 pm
The Road Less Travelled  
TITLE: The Road Less Travelled
Pairing: DG/Azkadellia, Glitch/Cain, DG/Cain, implied others
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I once went to a magical land with two suns and there was a wizard there who told me they still don't belong to me.
Summary: DG doesn't understand how it's come to be like this. She loves the idea of her sister, but Azkadellia herself is a different story. And as for Cain, well, she empathizes with him more than anything, seeing as they're in the same rocky boat.
Notes: Thank you to kseda for the beta! THIS IS FOR luchia13's upcoming birthday. SHE IS AWESOME AND I HOPE THIS CAN DO SOME JUSTICE. ♥ WARNING: Yes, the primary 'ship is princest.

"I wish I could fill up a room with someone I love."